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If you haven't seen this article on DeLorean Directory about the RPM relay, I suggest you check it out: As the RPM relay (main...

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I have seen several battery cut of switches installed in DeLoreans. I have never been impressed with the bulk of them currently available.  I have...

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If you'd like an easy way to remove your air box without needing tools, a set of these wing nut bolts will come in handy....

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I have an assortment of stainless DeLorean bumper and door sill letters. If you are missing a letter or need one for a project, I...

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This is for a Mann oil filter. This is made in Germany. They are a high quality filter. This is the exact same as the...

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This adjustable tensioner makes alternator belt changes much easier. You'll no longer need a pry-bar and three hands.

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If you need a spare key and don't mind them being all metal, these are a great lower cost option.

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If you can't source an air filter at your local auto part store I have a small supply of air filters for sale.

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Since OE Bosch ignition components have been log out of production, we've had to settle for reproductions of unknown origin. This distributor cap is European...

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