DeLorean RPM Relay Core for Solid State Conversion

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If you haven’t seen this article on DeLorean Directory about the RPM relay, I suggest you check it out:

DeLorean RPM Relay

As the RPM relay (main fuel pump relay) is prone to failure, I recommend you contact Dave M. (Bitsyncmaster on DMC Talk) and arrange to purchase one of his solid state RPM relay upgrades. Normally you would need to send in your original relay as a core for the upgrade. However, you can keep your original relay, especially if it’s still functional, and buy one of these compatible donors to send in instead.  I have verified that these relays can be used as cores for the solid state upgrade. To be clear, I do not sell the new solid state RPM relay. I am only proving a more convenient way for you to obtain one. Please contact me to arrange for shipping. I have 6 relay cores in stock. Thanks

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