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Up for sale is a T-panel that I replaced on my car.  It had a very small imperfection that drove me nuts for years and I finally decided to replace it.

It has a very small crease in it where the PO attempted to remove the panel after it had been glued down.  Since I live in Anchorage, Alaska I literally had nobody that could work on it, so I was forced to purchase a new panel.  The foam pad underneath it is also broke in half, however it seemed to work just fine and will come with the panel.  Note that other than the small crease you see in the pictures, the rest of the panel is in great shape.  I’m sure if given access to someone who can work on the stainless, it would be a cheap fix.  Please see the pictures for panel condition and crating pictures. The panel is crated up and ready to ship.

If you were to purchase a new T-Panel from DMCH, it would be $608.61 for a used panel plus a $150.00 crating fee.  That turns into $758.61 plus shipping/handling to your location. The other hidden expense from DMCH is the time it takes them to get it to you.  For me, it took them about 4 months!  I am asking $400.00 for part & crate together plus the shipping to your location. If interested, contact me and I can get shipping quotes to your door. The Crate measures 47x45x13 and weighs 173 Lbs. It is packaged up and ready to ship!

Thanks for looking

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