CRAIG Radio with integrated bluetooth !!


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We have currently for sale a Craig RADIO (late generation with integrated clock).

It was totally restored and fully functional, except the tape player.

A Built-in bluetooth module with microphon for the call function is include inside the Craig !!

With the bluetooth function, you can: listen to music, make phone calls, listen to the GPS, send voice messages with messenger app … like a new modern Radio !!!

Also, a set of new LCD display wires and a complete cleaning of potentiometers was made.

No Knobs but available on DMC web store for 7$ !!

I have the faceplate !!

Important :

The cassette player doesn’t work !!!
2 segments of the LCD display don’t work (see picture).

Possibility of sending this unit anywhere in the world !

See a demontration video of the bluetooth module on our Web page :

PRICE : 650 $ (with the shipping).

  • Location: Vernon, France
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